Climate Policy title


The science of climate change has been highly politicized in recent years as governments attempt to enact regulations, such as Cap & Trade and the EPA endagerment findings, based on the "consensus view" that humans are causing increasing levels of carbon dixoide and that these high levels will create dramatic changes in temperature and climate.

The release of embarrassingly candid emails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia has intensified, if not vindicated, suspicions that scientific misconduct has played a significant role in fueling alarmism over supposed catastrophic manmade global warming. All this leads one to ask if we should be more worried about an intellectual climate that stifles any dissent.

While some policy proposals directed at addressing climate change are well-intended efforts to protect our natural resources, others are pushed by special interests who profit from mandates, regulations on their competitors, and carbon trading.